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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I've Been Undressed By Kings...

This week is momentous in the South West's history, Bristol have finally decided to allow us to march through the streets in the middle of the day on a Saturday, brandishing flag's, popper's and stopping traffic. We could be angry that it took them until 2010 to allow us this privilege, but when have queens ever been bitter? (Of course, It's still not Bristol Council who offer us this, Its the work of four people in the LGBT community in Bristol.)
Thanks to them, we not only get a pride march, but a nine day pride event. So far this week I've attended a special cinema screening of 'Priscilla' at Bristol Hippodrome, with Bristol's LGBT choir 'Sing Out', as an opening act. On Friday I'm attending a screening of 'Shortbus' at The Watershed, with a Pre-Pride Party afterwards. Then Saturday is the BIG event. A pride march, A pride day festival headlined by 'Sonique' and too many pride parties to mention.
I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to the Pride Bristol team, I've never felt prouder of Bristol, of Homo's, of Lebanon's, of T-Girl's and Boy's, of Bears and Twinks in my life. May we all skip along together hand in hand on Saturday and show Bristol that closets are for clothes.

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sound The Alarm...

Kelis has announced that the third single from her killer album 'Flesh Tone' will be 'Scream'. Her last single '4th Of July' limped into the top 40 and stalled at number 32. This puzzles me. As dance songs go, It was a blinder, but around the same time people decided to make that terrible David Guetta song number one, where Fergie bangs on about trying to get over pissing her pants. But these things are not for me to understand, I can only recommend that everyone goes and buys a copy of 'Flesh Tone' or 'Scream'. Here's a link to a free remix of Acapella. Thankyou RCRDLBL

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Friday, 13 August 2010

I Want You To Funk Me...

Brand new Scissor Sisters video. Love it.

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Sleeping With Everything...

I'm so loving at the minute. It may seem like i'm shamelessly plugging it like 'The Saturdays' do with Ice watches, But unlike The Saturdays, I'm not getting paid for it. If you've not visited it yourself yet, You really should. The website is literally bursting with FREE legal downloads. The artists vary from independent bands struggling to get noticed to big sellers who want to give something away.
Whilst perusing on there the other day, I came across this song. I was beyond pleasantly suprised, and it has now became my most listened to song this week (probably tied first place with my last post). Whoever these boys are, two of them are hot, And whoever Herve is, He does a banging euphoric remix. Love it.

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This Beat's For All My Freaks...

I'm proper addicted to this song. And the best thing is that it's available as a free legal download from RCRDLBL. It sounds so much camper than Tiesto's usual outputtings. If he continues to release such fagalicious anthems I shall have to re-evaluate my feelings towards him.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Still Kicks Like A Pill...

I'm rather excited about the mid-week chart stating that 'The Saturdays' maybe heading for number one this Sunday. They need it, and with this single they deserve it.
'Missing You' didn't seem to find much adoration amongst music bloggers when it first leaked, most concentrated on the disjointed dance in the video. I actually love the dance, It gives it an odd edge for me, and odd is always a selling point in my mind. I'm not keen on the blatant sponsoring on ICE watches in the video, I''d much rather have seen them trying to fuel a resurgence of the Baby G.
UPDATE; They ended up charting at number three. 

Buy The Saturdays - Missing You MP3

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Alphabeat unleash 'Heat Wave'

J'adore Heat Wave!
Alphabeat have just premiered their music video for Heat Wave. I've never been keen on live footage promo videos, but perhaps if more people had went and bought 'The Beat Is...' then they might have been able to afford something with a story. So with that in mind, Go and buy 'The Beat Is...' or 'Heat Wave'. This song belongs at the top of the charts but with the way the rest of the album has been recieved (sales wise) it doesn't look likely. Massive bummer.
Buy Heat Wave MP3

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Friday, 6 August 2010

Happy National Geri Halliwell Day!!!

Pop Whorehouse would like to wish all three of it's readers a very happy Geri Halliwell day! Yes, On this day 38 years ago Ana María gave birth to her royal gingerness! Geri was threw into the limelight in 1996 when Spice Girls burst onto the scene with their orgy anthem 'Wannabe'. In the 14 years since, Geri has went on to release three solo albums containing some of the campest music that Europop trading restrictions would allow. Anthems such as 'Bag It Up' and 'Ride It' breathed new life into many a gay man's body, and revolutionised 'Girl Powder' and Inflatable Banana's.

Today we look not only at the past, but towards the future. In April of this year, Geri took to her website to announce that she was back in the studio. We've not heard a peep since, I'm hoping she is working on a camp masterpiece, But until then i'll have to keep myself excited by persistantly banging out her old material. 

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thankyou Alcazar...

Whilst contemplating a new name for my mobile disco business today, I stumbled across my Alcazar MP3 files.
Discotropolis is born!

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Monday, 26 July 2010

I Know Where It's At

All Saints were one of the most successful acts that popped up as the Girl Power explosion happened in the late 90's, Thanks to Spice Girls. I'm able to admit that All Saints were a slightly more credible band, Their release's tended to be on the R+B side of pop, instead of the novelty side (Hello, B*Witched). This format seemed to work well for them as this was when the charts were still full of pop and only a few R+B acts were selling well, so it made them stand out in the crowd.

Fashion wise, All Saints were definitely sinners. Cargo trousers, vest tops and trainers are hardly an inventive or attractive wardrobe, but nevertheless, became a fashion trend across the country. I remember being influenced myself. I bought a camouflage t-shirt and wore it to school on non-uniform day, where Victoria Kemp told me I looked like a dyke. I thank her for this observation, as I have been petrified of camouflage ever since. Spice Girls on the other hand influenced quite a few broken ankles and nipple slippage's with their Buffalo's and low plunging neck lines. If I'd of had a bit more confidence in my teenage years it may well have been my nipples slipping out, and my ankle in plaster. I did dye my hair red to feel closer to Geri though. I choose a shade called 'Cherry' due to the fact it rhymed with Geri. That fact still amuses me to this day.

All Saints had 9 top ten singles between 1997 and 2001. They split in 2001 due to ''increasing rivalry between band members'', and all four members embarked on other musical projects. Natalie and Nicole stayed together as 'Appleton' and were the most successful, managing 2 top ten singles, 1 top ten album, and a top 40 single. Shaznay had 1 top ten single and 1 top thirty album, Her 2nd single release stalled at number 56. Melanie is the only member of All Saints to not release an album. Her album was recorded but conveniently shelved to make time for the All Saints reunion in 2006. Melanie had 1 top ten hit as a featured artist with 'Artful Dodger' and 1 top twenty single as a solo act. In 2002 she replaced Kelis's vocals on 'Outsidaz - I'm Leavin' for the U.K release. She really shouldn't have bothered as it stalled at number 42. Her final single release was from the soundtrack of 'Robots', this too was ill-fated and managed a feeble number 78. I like all of All Saints solo material, and I think perhaps lack of promotion and support from their record labels sealed their fate as solo artists.

I have wrote three paragraphs and now finally get to the point of this post, Studio 1. As I mentioned in the last paragraph, All Saints reunited in 2006. From January to August 2006, they wrote and recorded their third album, which would later be released as 'Studio 1'. On November 6th, the first single was released. 'Rock Steady' gave them a 10th top ten single, making number 3. After the success of the first single, It was assumed that 'Studio 1' would follow suit. Unfortunately not, It stalled at number 40 in it's first week and fell to number 74 the following week. This is a major shame because this was seriously All Saints best album. Due to the failure of 'Studio 1', 'Chick Fit', the planned 2nd single, was demoted to only having a digital release. A music video was filmed, but the release gained little promotion from music channels and radio stations, and failed to chart within the top 200!

So I write this post in a bid to try and get more people to buy this album. It truly is a small masterpiece in the world of girl groups. The over all feel of the album is probably best described as urban pop with a reggae edge in places. I sit here listening to it now, nearly 4 years on from its release, and I still think this is a fucking cool album.
Please go buy this album, It's truly worth the effort (Plus at the time of writing it's only £3.73 with free postage on Amazon!). Who knows perhaps if enough people read this article and are influenced to buy it, 'Studio 1' may enter the top ten and All Saints may show their faces again. This may also be me being majorly deluded, as at the minute i'm pretty sure my blog only has 3 regular readers. I can dream.

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